Pukekohe High School Student wins

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Amiria Gale has an online help and advice blog for art students and teachers. She wrote to me about Grace: "I have just published an article on my blog that I thought you might be interested in. It is about the work of Year 13 student Grace Pickford who studied you as one of her artist models last year. She was awarded the best Painting submission in NZ last year - so I thought you might find it awesome to know that she studied your work! Amiria :)"

extract from the blog: Grace begins with material that is fraught with difficulty: photographs taken by others. Grace’s photographs, however, are not flat, second-hand images: they are the subject. They are the essence of a still life; rich in their imperfections, creases, stains and tears. They are a tiny collection of memory: a depiction of something that was before and has now been imbued with layers of time.
Grace’s work is a reminder that gaining an exceptional result is not just about meeting learning objectives, showing development or demonstrating a high level of technical skill (although Grace excels in all of these areas): it’s about communicating something that really matters. It’s about making art.

Here is the full blog about Grace on Amiria's website

Article selections reprinted with kind permission