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Tim Winton book covers

Penguin Random House Australia approached me with a request to use a few of my paintings for the second editions of Tim Winton’s 3 non fiction titles, The Boy Behind the Curtain, Island Home and Land’s Edge.
He writes: Tim came to me with your beautiful piece The Bach as a suggestion when I started out on the project. He loves your work, and I could see immediately how it resonates with his writing. I’m not sure how (or even if) familiar with Tim’s work you are, but much of it is based on the Western Australian coast (where Tim still lives), and The Bach seemed a wonderful fit. As I developed concepts for the other 2 books, it just seemed logical to try a set of concepts using your wonderful art, which, thoroughly unsurprisingly, everyone (by which I mean internally here at Penguin…publishing, sales, marketing, and more importantly, Tim) has fallen in love with.


Art of the Week

Apart from the fact that it is a travesty that a major newspaper like the NZ Herald has relegated the arts community to a small blurb roundup of the best work on display in the Auckland art galleries each week, I am honored that mine was selected to appear. I remember being inspired by so many long and informative T J McNamara reviews, to have them chopped and squeezed into the magazine section just shows how much the Herald values culture in this country.

The article begins here...
The archetypical New Zealand colonial house, with bay window and gabled front, has fascinated many painters. In the Village, Barry Ross Smith has created a surrealistic variation.
All surrealism contains the sharpness of detail characteristic of a dream and here the isolation, the sunset and light in the door and window emphasise the dreamlike atmosphere. There is a hint of Belgian artist Magritte but this is a very local image.

T J McNamara


Archipelago - solo show at NKB

10 new paintings along the theme of small islands


: a sea or stretch of water having many islands.

There is a saying; you can’t enter the same river twice because new water is always flowing.

You could also ask, what makes an island, an island? Is it the vast expanse of ocean that surrounds it, its location next to a larger continent or the land itself protruding above the tide-line? The ocean that surrounds us has currents that encompass the entire globe, and all of the land and islands that we can see and inhabit, are connected by the earth itself, the earth beneath our feet.

This series presents a variety of isolated islands, surveying a range of wild and domestic habitations. In each painting the oceans differ - the sky, the environment, the inhabitants, the time of day - all vary. They are a string of islands in flux; connected by change, demand and the relentless course of history and culture. The paintings can be viewed as theatrical tableau, reflective spaces, which highlight mankind’s communion with land, beast and the encompassing ocean.
photo courtesy of artsdiary.co.nz.
photo: artsdiary.co.nz


100 Days Project 2016

It's happening again.....
The 100 Days Project is simple.

Choose one creative exercise, and then repeat it every day for 100 days.

Record each daily effort and see what evolves in the work and in the self over time.

In 2011 Emma Rogan decided to start a 100 Days Project after reading about Michael Bierut’s ‘100 Days of Design’ class at Yale. She invited others to join her and word of the project spread. Since inception hundreds of people have participated in the project.
The project gives anyone a framework and the permission to be creative. It challenges you to dig deep into your creative reserves, to rely on your readiness to work in order to achieve creative breakthrough. It can be an end to procrastination, and the development of resilience. It takes a lot of energy, and yet the rewards can resonate for a long time after the 100th Day is over.

Here is the 100 Day Project website ... read on


PA Issue #70 (50 Memorable Painters)

End of the 2015 year issue of Poets & Artists, curated by John Seed and Didi Melendez.

Here is a link to the issue, which you can have a look at online or it is available for digital purchase There are some of my favourite contemporary painters, along with examples of their works.


Hibiscus & Bays Art Award win

I managed to win the premier award for this painting of my daughter. The judge was T J McNamara - art critic and writer for the NZ Herald.
The painting is after Jacques-Louis David's paintings titled: Napoleon Crossing the Alps, with my daughter in the lead role. I painted it as a gift, not just for my daughter, but for her children, and their children. setting up a continuity and family history. Now, what am I going to paint for my other daughter!

I painted it to reference my daughters innocence (she is eleven years old) just as she outgrew such things. The Napoleon reference I think plays with her personality (Napoleon was the subject of David's five paintings of him) and the Neapolitan ice-cream is a pun with his name.
Here is the image


everyday fictions

This essay charts my studio journey through my Master of Fine Arts degree. It examines the relationship between photography and painting and how each informs and defines the other. ... read on


Lost & Found - by Peter Michael Le Fevre

In the 150 year existence of the photographic image much has been debated regarding the photography vs. painting issue. The predicted death struggle between the traditional and new methods of picture making seemed at first clear and simple. ... read on



This is an essay examining the need to re-evaluate the attributes of photography with the arrival of the digital image. Photography, from its very inception had an undeniably powerful and implicit claim to truth. It transformed vision, just as speech transforms words and gave us still representations of the changing world which could be revised interminably. But the immaterial nature and ease of manipulation of digital images has liberated the perception that a photograph adheres to fact. In an image saturated world our vision has become unstable and with the immaterial nature of images today, can we believe our eyes? ... read on


Image Vault burns in suspected arson attack

Image vault has been holding my prints for the past 12 years. Sadly all of their stock has been destroyed.

Arsonists shoved a flaming object through a mailbox slot at a Christchurch business before it was razed by fire, its owner says. Image Vault owner Carl Collins and his partner Nicola Church's Ferry Rd business was "completely destroyed" after a fire about 4.10am on Thursday, Nov 2015. ... read on


Adam portrait award - 2014 peoples' choice award

I was privileged to win the peoples' choice award and used the opportunity to fly down to Wellington with Leanne and spend the day together, without the kids.see the show. We had a great time tripping round Wellington, shopping and seeing the sights. The exhibition holds a very interesting collection of characters evoked in paint. ... read on


100 Days Project

The 100 Days Project is simple.
Choose one creative exercise, and then repeat it every day for 100 days.
Record each daily effort and see what evolves in the work and in the self over time. ... read on


Pukekohe High School Student wins

Grace Pickford, a Year 13 student from Pukekohe High School, Auckland was awarded Excellence, Scholarship and Top in New Zealand for Painting, 2011. Grace contacted me last year wanting to use some of my writing and visual research to develop her school project. ... read on


Odd Jobs 2 - Creative Communities Scheme assessor

March 2011
I have joined the assessment team for the Creative Communities Scheme in the Hauraki District ward. This means being able to connect artistic groups and individuals involved with activities in the community with funding to help them realize their goals.

- With my recent move out of the Waikato, I had to let go of this position. ... read on


Artist and Agri company in union

Front page article in the Peninsula Press 22nd September 2011
In a brilliant piece of creativity combining two of NZ’s iconic symbols, rugby and the dairy industry, Paeroa Agricultural suppliers AgriSea lead the country with an innovative marketing initiative. ... read on


Staunch Supporters campaign

September 2011
Collaboration with Agrisea Ltd in launching the new print range and celebrating the national game ... read on


Growing from layers of ideas

August 2011
“The impetus always starts from an idea, long before I pick up a brush and begin to paint.”
Article in Waihi leader by Sharen Watson ... read on


penduline press article

Penduline Press is a Portland-based literary and art magazine that seeks to create a presence for emerging as well as established graphic artists and writers of sudden fiction, flash fiction, prose poetry and short stories.

They contacted me regarding an interview and using some of my images for a spread and the cover of their 7th issue.
thanks Sarah and Bonnie,it looks great! ... read on


Odd Jobs 1 - Hikutaia School Mural

January 2011
Over the past 6 months I have been working with some kids from Hikutaia School in the production of a mural for the front wall. Firstly the 5 to 7 year olds sketched surrounding features (cattle, farming machinery and birdlife) from their environment. ... read on


Queen with moko draws complaints

December 2009
This article appeared in the Manawatu Standard just before Christmas 2009 and began an interesting online discussion regarding icons and ownership. ... read on