Offset Prints
An Offset Edition print (sometimes called an open edition print) is a print that is created from the four colour offset press. It is an economical print that is mass produced. It can be reprinted once the first edition has sold out.

Limited Edition Prints
The limited edition prints are produced in a set number, hand signed and checked by Barry personally, and once the printed edition has sold out, it will not be available again.

The Archival Print process for Limited Edition Reproductions
The original artwork is captured by a professional photographer with a high quality digital photograph and colour-balanced and proofed. It is then reproduced on the latest, large format printer using archival inks. The high colour saturation and detail allow the original artwork to be reproduced accurately onto 310 gsm Hahnemuhle etching paper or quality stretched canvas. Each archival reproduction has an extended minimum life of at least fifty years (under standard conditions).

The Giclee Print
Giclee prints are created using the Giclee printing process which uses a very sophisticated digital printer to deliver a fine stream of ink onto archival paper. The resulting print has extremely fine colour fidelity and exceptional detail that is suitable for museum and gallery display. The giclee printing process is also used to print onto canvas.